Exhibition “Arttransformers – Paintings/Sculptures/Installations 2016/2017”








Sredets Gallery of the Ministry of Culture

The exhibition "Arttransformers - Paintings/Sculptures/Installations 2016/2017" is presented by the Bulgarian Cultural Institute "Wittgenstein Home" in Vienna. It takes place as part of a cultural project in connection with the Bulgarian and Austrian presidency of the EU Council in 2018. Erika Seywald, Ulrich Gansert, Johann Karner, Adolph Tuma and Stoimen Stoilov participate with their works.

The exhibition combines artistic positions from the areas of painting, sculpture and installation that deal with the man’s presence in reality and fantasy. In the works of the Bulgarian artist Stoimen Stoilov we see mythological themes, as well as the various stories of Commedia dell’arte. Surreal-fantasy scenes are populated with mythical creatures, costumed and masked figures. A combination of figurative elements and non-specific parts form an entirety in the paintings of the artist Erika Seywald. Her large-scale picture “Transition, escape and change situations” can be seen in the context of current social changes.

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Contact person: Rumyana Koneva, Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute "Wittgenstein Home", [email protected]; tel.: 00431/ 714-22-81, 713-31-64

Contact persons

Rumyana Koneva

Director of the Bulgarian Cultural Institute "Wittgenstein Home"

00431/ 714-22-81, 713-31-64

[email protected]

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