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Studio 1, Bulgarian National Radio

The concept of ppIANISSIMO International Festival of Contemporary Piano Music is unique on worldwide level, and for years it has been the only forum in Bulgaria entirely dedicated to the music of today. Mainly focused on the endless possibilities of the piano as a keyboard and percussion instrument, the festival is a workshop for contemporary art – a creative platform for recognised and debut musicians alike, studying the aesthetics and the most current trends in contemporary music.

ppIANISSIMO is a kind of generator for new performers and a stimulator for new music. Up till now, over 310 performers from as many as 30 countries have participated in the 20 editions of the festival, and works by over 400 composers, representing over 50 countries round the world, have been presented. A significant part of the performers and composers who made their debut at ppIANISSIMO have already become leading names of contemporary culture. Almost all of the performances in the festival’s concerts are Bulgarian or world premieres, and the best of them show the way for the art music of tomorrow.

As a significant international event, ppIANISSIMO generates great interest outside Bulgaria. We receive tons of scores all the time, as well as lots of participation requests from all over the world. Thanks to this unabating interest and continuous media support, the festival has spread beyond the walls of the concert hall and multiplied the followers of the contemporary music, thus expanding the sphere of its social influence.

The reactions of the public, media and society concerning all editions of ppIANISSIMO have been markedly positive.


Programme 2018:

13 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Solo Piano Recital by Ricardo Descalzo (Spain)

14 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Jazz Concert of David Helbock Trio (Austria)

15 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Mosaic: One Minute Pieces from All Over the World

20 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Concert of Duo Diagonal (Denmark)

21 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Solo Piano Blues Recital by Marcel Worms (The Netherlands)

22 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – The Music of Björk: Concert of Milla Mihova (soprano) и Nikolay Stoykov(harpsichord/celesta/piano)

27 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Solo Piano Recital by Hayk Melikyan (Armenia)

28 April, 11.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – From End to Beginning of Time: Concert of Ensemble SILAKBO

28 April, 19.00, “Prof. Pancho Vladigerov” National Academy of Music, Concert Hall – Solo Organ Recital by Dariusz Przybylski (Poland)

29 April, 19.00, Bulgarian National Radio, Concert Studio – Hyper Matière: Concert of Hyper Duo (Switzerland).

Entrance is free for all events.

The event page on Facebook: www.facebook.com/ppIANISSIMO-FESTIVAL-180099548805029

For more information visit the ppIANISSIMO official website

Събитието се реализира с финансовата подкрепа на Столична община, СП "Култура" - 2018 г.

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