Poetry on the Subway 2018







National Palace of Culture Metro Station

The "Poetry on the Subway 2018" project (26.03-6.05.2018) will be a sequel of a project initiated by the Polish Institute in Sofia in 2016, consisting of five Polish and five Bulgarian poets, and continued in 2017 with 12 European poems from Poland, Hungary, Spain, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Austria, Germany, Romania, England, Italy, Finland and Bulgaria.

The "Poetry on the Subway 2018" - poems of 13 European authors, in Bulgarian and in the original, in the wagons of the Sofia metro and the National Palace of Culture (NDK) Metro Station.

The event will be implemented in cooperation with the editorial staff of the literary weekly "Literaturen Westnik" on March 26 till May 6, 2018.

The project aims to promote contemporary European poetry as well as reading. The Polish Institute in Sofia will be its coordinator.

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