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Polish Institute in Sofia

„Cold War. Short History of Divided World" from the Institute of National Remembrance in Poland is an invitation to go back to the near past, to the reality of conflict which dominated Europe for over five decades after the WWII, influenced lives of millions and shaped the modern world. The totalitarian and multifaceted character of cold war confrontation left its mark on so many different areas of life that each attempt of showing it in one place and one time would surely leave one unsatisfied.

Taking the above into consideration, the authors proposed their own, naturally subjective point of view on the cold war, folding it up into a multiplot story. Those plots include events, phenomena with their various aspects and their main characters, significant for the course of events of the conflict – but often less familiar or even forgotten.

The exhibition's narrative is particularly strong due to photos. It is focused not only on the photos which are already icons of the cold war and the less familiar documentary photos, which complement the exhibition, but also on those that will be treasured in our minds and are thought-provoking. Therefore, the form of the presentation should be very favorable i.e. big, eye-catching, photo-enlargements, well arranged in space, accompanied by a few-sentence comments. Those who wish to learn more will find extensive information on several separate boards.

Thus, the exhibition's subheading "Short History of Divided World" captures its core meaning and the authors' intention – to reflect upon the conflict which for almost half a century had dominated the history of the world, and yet not to aspire to be comprehensive chronicle of the events.

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