Sofia - church "Ascension of the Holy Cross of the Lord"

Orthodox music is of the Bulgarian people, but also all-Balkan music of Europe. Music, which on our soil is originally converted and adapted to the liturgical texts of Old Bulgarian and other Old Slavic languages.

An inherently unique project devoted to years of research in the field of orthodox music, presenting its most important works of all times. A team of specialists - musicologist and theologian, are engaged in the difficult task of finding, reading ancient manuscripts of chants from different monasteries, archives, stockpiles, and making them into contemporary sheet music of five scale notation.

An ensemble of contemporary church singers - acolytes will perform musical pieces from the appearance of the notation in the X century, through the original works of St. John Kukusel - a symbol of the Bulgarian musical pride, the Athos and the Turnovo Literary Schools, to Rila singing school with a central figure, Neofit Rilski.

A novelty in the project is the release of unusual musical examples that will sound for the first time. Among them is a musical stychiraire, kept in the Athenian National Library, commissioned and completed in 1367, during the reign of the Tsar Ivan Alexander. Another important musical monument from the same period is the obituary of Tsar Boril, whose transcript from the National Library in Sofia is the first Bulgarian manuscript written with Byzantium neumes. In the days of the Council in Ferrara, along with numerous treatises, St. Mark Eugenik, the great theologian of the Orthodoxy, wrote a musical manuscript. In this manuscript of 1438, which today is miraculously present in Sofia, are preserved unique and unpublished works of Constantine Assen, an artist whose identity poses many questions – a noble in the Byzantine court, writer-philosopher and hymnographer, coming from the Asenevtsi family.

Songs and works from the IX to the XIX century will be recorded and published in a CD accompanied by a luxurious bilingual book edition.

Completed by four concerts, the project will summarize the liturgical music used in the Bulgarian lands and influenced the development of Western European culture for over more than a millennium.

Concerts will take place in:

May 9 - Varna - City Art Gallery - 18h.

May 31 - Sofia - Ancient Church "Saint Sofia" - 18h.

June 7 - Sofia - church “Holy Transfiguration of God” – 18h.

15 June - Sofia – church "St. Paraskeva" - 18h.

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