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Boyana Residence

During the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU, on the 22 and 23 of March, at Boyana Residence will be held a meeting of the Employers’ Group (Group I) of the European Economic and Social Committee (EESC).

The theme of the meeting is "Bridging the skills gap for growth and job creation – business perspective".

The event is organized by EESC and the Association of the organizations of Bulgarian Employers, which is chaired by the BIA in 2018 on a rotating basis.

As of now ministers and other officials from EU member states have confirmed their presence.

Moderators of the meeting will be Mr. Rumen Radev (BICA) and Mrs. Zhana Velichkova (Bulgarian Soft Drinks Association). 

Ongoing megatrends such as globalisation, digitalisation and demographic change have a significant impact on labour markets and businesses across Europe. 40% of European employers have difficulty in finding people with the skills they need to grow and innovate. At the same time, 70 million Europeans lack adequate reading and writing skills and even more have poor numeracy and digital skills.

How do we bridge the skills gap? How do we adapt education systems to the challenges of today? What should be done at European and national level? Together, we will attempt to answer these questions at the conference on "Bridging the skills gap for growth and job creation – business perspective". High-level representatives of employers' organisations, policy-makers and academics will discuss and share best practice in order to put forward ideas and solutions.

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22 March 2018 | Thursday

09:30 - 09:50

Welcome address

Jacek KRAWCZYK, President, EESC Employers' Group, Poland; Bojidar DANEV, President in rotation of the Association of the organizations of the Bulgarian Employers, President of the Bulgarian Industrial Association, Vice-President of BusinessEurope, Member of the EESC Employers' Group;

09:50 - 10:45

High-level opening session

Welcome address by Lilyana PAVLOVA, Minister for the Presidency; Opening speech by Iliana IOTOVA, Vice President of the Republic of Bulgaria; Hassan ADEMOV, Chairperson of the Parliamentary Committee on labour, social and demographic policies;

11:00 - 12:45

Panel 1 – Skills challenges in the knowledge-based economy

Moderator: Rumen RADEV, Economic Director of Holding Zagora Ltd., Vicechairman of the Governing Board of BICA

14:15 - 16:00

Panel 2 – How to overcome the imbalance between supply and demand on the labour market?

Moderator: Jana VELICHKOVA, Executive Director of the Bulgarian Soft Drinks Association

16:00 - 16:30

Keynote speech

Zornitsa RUSINOVA Deputy Minister for Labour and Social Policy

16:30 - 17:00

Concluding remarks

Christa SCHWENG, president-elect of the Section for Employment, Social Affairs and Citizenship (SOC), Member of the EESC Employers' Group

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