Brussels Press Corps arrives for the opening of the Bulgarian Presidency


Photo: Flickr/ Deensel

Brussels Press Corps arrives in this country for the official opening of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the European Union 2018. The opening ceremony will take place on 11 January. Many events and meetings are scheduled for the Brussels accredited journalists to get acquainted with the priorities of this country in the coming six months. They will also have the opportunity to visit emblematic places in Sofia and in the countryside, learn about our rich history, culture and traditions.

According to tradition, each rotational Presidency of the EU Council invites for its start the Brussels Press Corps to the respective Member State. This is yet another opportunity for the new country presiding the Council to show its cultural and historic heritage and its performance in various areas. As a result of this visit, the foreign journalists who will cover the Bulgarian Presidency in the coming six months will be able to share their impressions from our achievements that are appreciated far beyond Bulgarian borders too.

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