Waste management and recycling: Council adopts new rules


The Council today adopted the waste package which sets out new rules for waste management and establishes legally binding targets for recycling.

"I am very pleased that ministers have given their approval to the revised legislation on waste today. Europe is moving towards a circular economy. These new rules protect not only our environment but also the health of our citizens. Today we close the loop of product lifecycles, from production and consumption to waste management. This decision is about making our economies more sustainable and environmentally-friendly."

Neno Dimov, Bulgarian Minister of Environment and Water

Member states will have to meet the following targets as they increase the reuse and recycling of municipal waste:


By 2025

By 2030

By 2035

Municipal waste




Member states will set up, by 1 January 2025, separate collections of textiles and hazardous waste from households. In addition, they will ensure that by 31 December 2023, bio-waste is either collected separately or recycled at source (e. g. home composting). This is in addition to the separate collection which already exists for paper and cardboard, glass, metals and plastic.

Read the full press release here.

Visit the meeting the page on the website of the Council of the European Union.

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