EU member states’ tax directors and attaches discussed the way forward for the development of the EU corporate tax policy


Photo: Ministry of Finance, Bulgaria

The main topics of the Informal Meeting of the High Level Working Group (Taxation) included the possibility of introducing uniform and coherent tax measures to promote innovation, investment and growth in response to external pressures on the tax system and to strengthen the competitiveness of the EU. The forum was part of the calendar of the Ministry of Finance in the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU.

During the meeting the tax directors and attachés of the EU Member States, the representatives of the European Commission, the General Secretariat of the Council of the EU and the Organisation for Economic Cooperation and Development held a constructive discussion on the way forward for the development of the EU corporate tax policy. The participants outlined the challenges to the tax policy of the Union, given the global tax reforms, the increasing globalisation and digitalisation of the economy and the development of information technologies.

They also discussed, in the context of the constantly increasing digitalisation of the economy and the development of new business models, the possibilities to have effective and result-oriented negotiations in order to quickly reach an agreement on the introduction of taxation on EU level of digital economy activities under the package of proposal for fair and effective taxation of the digital economy presented by the Commission on 21 March 2018.

„Digital economy taxation is a priority of the Bulgarian Presidency and our efforts will focus on making significant progress on the legislative proposals“,

Lyudmila Petkova, Director of Tax Policy Directorate of the MoF, said during the meeting.

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