Tackling marine litter: Council agrees its stance on port reception facilities


Photo: European Union

Ships should not gain any financial advantage by dumping waste at sea. To combat dumping, the Council today adopted a general approach on updated rules on port reception facilities which will provide incentives for ships to dispose of their waste on land.

"This is an important tool for making maritime transport more environmentally friendly. It will help us protect our seas from plastic waste, derelict fishing gear and other rubbish that currently ends up harming our marine environment."

Ivaylo Moskovski, Bulgarian Minister for Transport, Information Technology and Communications

Under the reform, ships will have to pay an indirect fee, which will give them the right to deliver their waste to a port and which will have to be paid regardless of whether or not they deliver any waste. This fee will also apply to fishing vessels and recreational craft, which means that it will also tackle the disposal of end-of-life fishing nets and passively fished waste in the sea. The fee will be based on the principle of cost recovery.

Under the 'green ship' concept, a reduced waste fee will be applied for ships that can demonstrate sustainable on-board waste management.

Read the full press release here.

Visit the meeting the page on the website of the Council of the European Union.

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