New measures to fight against illegal competition practices in the internal market


Photo: European Union

The EU's committee of permanent representatives (Coreper) today endorsed an agreement between the Council, represented by the Bulgarian presidency, and the European Parliament on new measures to bring the enforcement of competition rules in line with the digital age and to tackle illegal competition practices in the EU.

The new rules will strengthen cooperation between national competition authorities and the European Commission, and will be an effective way of ensuring that free and open competition is not distorted in the internal market.

"Effective enforcement of competition rules is necessary to protect consumers from illegal business practices that keep the prices of goods and services artificially high. At the same time, the improved enforcement will ensure that companies compete fairly in Europe, enabling them to generate wealth and create jobs."

Emil Karanikolov, Minister for the economy of Bulgaria

A truly common competition enforcement area in Europe provides a more even level playing field for businesses operating in the internal market and reduces unequal conditions for consumers.

Distortion in competition undermines consumer confidence in the internal market, including in the digital environment.

The new directive provides better tools for the public enforcement of competition rules.

Read the full press release on the website of the Council of the European Union.

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