Eurogroup statement on the occasion of its 20th anniversary


Photo: European Union

Today, the Eurogroup commemorated its first meeting 20 years ago in Luxembourg. 

Established by the EU leaders shortly before the introduction of the euro, the Eurogroup is an informal body where euro area countries’ finance ministers meet to discuss issues related to the single currency.

One of the greatest achievements of European integration, the euro has become a tangible part of the European identity. Since its inception it has grown both in membership and strength, enjoying the robust support of around 340 million people in 19 euro area countries. As the world's second most-used currency, it reinforces Europe's presence on the global scene. The euro has strengthened the internal market, providing an anchor for the economy: citizens and firms across Europe benefit from stable prices and conduct their business across national borders with unprecedented ease.

Read the full press statement here.

Visit the meeting the page on the website of the Council of the European Union.

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