The Bulgarian Presidency puts the future of health at the centre of EU ministerial debate


Photo: European Union

Discussion of the future of health in the EU was the main focus of the meeting of EU health ministers during the second day of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting in Luxembourg.

Commenting on today’s debate, Kiril Ananiev, Bulgarian Minister for Health, said:

The EU needs more visibility for those  policies that bring  direct benefit to people: health policy is one of them. Today’s discussion highlighted those areas where cooperation at European level can bring added value. We also outlined a framework for future action: health care policy should go beyond a consideration of the budgetary aspects to also  focus on the human aspects -  an intrinsic function  of EU’s regulatory framework that benefits people and guarantees the quality of life on our continent.

The Council adopted a set of conclusions on 'Healthy nutrition for children: the healthy future of Europe'. The issue has been a priority for the Bulgarian Presidency throughout its term. Bearing in mind that an unhealthy diet is one (avoidable) risk factor behind serious chronic diseases, the conclusions focus on the promotion of healthier diets for children as one of the best investments for a young European generation in good health.

Ministers also held a debate today on the proposed regulation concerning health technology assessment, providing guidance for possible ways of improving cooperation. Today’s discussion will guide the work at technical level.

The text of the Conclusions is available here.

More information about today’s meeting, as well as about the first day of the Employment, Social Policy, Health and Consumer Affairs Council meeting , dedicated to social policy, is here.

Pictures and videos are available here.

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