The gifts for the guests of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU


Photos: Oleg Popov

Elegant scarfs and ties, a special edition of coins and a limited series of post stamps with the Bulgarian Presidency’s logo are some of the selection of gifts for the delegates and guests to the events on the calendar of the Presidency of the Council of the EU in the first half of 2018. They were presented officially by Minister Lilyana Pavlova.

Like any Presidency, there are VIP gift sets for Prime Ministers, Ministers, Deputy Ministers and Heads of Delegations. The other gift sets are for all other delegates. The scarfs and ties in the VIP sets are made of silk and the others – of viscose.

The scarfs for the ladies are in three color ranges: blue – the color of the Bulgarian Presidency, light blue and rose ash. The author of the design is Shevitsa’s designer Gergana Stankova. For the patterns she has used the logo of the Bulgarian Presidency, featuring elements from traditional Bulgarian embroidery and the Cyrillic letters.

A coin from a special edition of the Bulgarian National Bank will also be part of the gift sets. The VIP guests will be given a commemorative coin with the logo of the Presidency, and the delegates – a general circulation coin of BGN 2.00, also with the logo of the Presidency.

The third component of the gift set is a post stamp with the logo of the Presidency, issued in a limited series in order to have collector’s value. A special envelope has been designed for the stamp.

The delegates will receive mobile phone charging devices and the new plug for the charging devices. They will have specially branded badge straps and the accreditation for the heads of delegations will be in the form of a magnetic pin.   

Among the other gifts with the image of the Bulgarian Presidency there will be two kinds of folders, paper pads, pencils and pens.   

“Thanks to sponsors’ support, additional gifts have been provided, for example a lavender bag, since Bulgaria has become the largest producer and exporter of lavender among the EU member states.  There will be some rose oil in the gifts too,” the Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency Lilyana Pavlova explained.

About 25,000 guests are expected to come to Bulgaria from other countries during the first 6 months of 2018. “Further 18,000 gift sets will be sent to the Permanent Representation of Bulgaria to the EU in Brussels, and 3,000 will be provided for the Bulgarian embassies,” Minister Pavlova added.

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