Europe, the Middle East and North Africa will follow the events of Bulgaria’s Presidency


The events of the Bulgarian Presidency will be broadcast via satellite by Еurope by Satellite and will be available to be used by the broadcasting media on three continents.
Today in Brussels, the Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency Liliana Pavlova and the Director of DG   Communications of the European Commission Mikel Landabazo signed an agreement for licensing  the copyrights to the TV information service of the European Commission Europe by Satellite  regarding the audiovisual content produced by Bulgarian National Television as host broadcaster of the Presidency.

This will make it possible for the high level meetings held in Sofia to be broadcast by the TV channels in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. All media will get the signal free of charge and will be able to broadcast footage and sound from the EU-Western Balkans Summit in May 2018, as well as informal Council sessions, Ministerials and the events within the priorities of the Bulgarian presidency.

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