Official Website of Bulgarian 2018 EU Council Presidency Integrates CEF eTranslation


The Bulgarian EU Council Presidency has integrated the EU Council Presidency Translator into its official website, This provides AI-powered automated translation through custom translation engines developed by Tilde, backed up by the European Commission's eTranslation system. In this way, the translator enables multilingual communication at this high-profile event, which sets the priorities of the EU agenda.

The translation tool is implemented in the main menu of the official site, giving EU delegates, journalists, and visitors to the EU Council Presidency a way to automatically translate texts, documents, and websites between English, Bulgarian, German, French and Estonian, with the remaining official EU languages to follow.

The EU Council Presidency Translator combines the Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) eTranslation services, developed by the European Commission Directorate-General for Translation, with custom Bulgarian and Estonian engines developed by Tilde, a leading European language technology company. Tilde's award-winning engines, along with CEF eTranslation's German engine, are built using cutting-edge neural network technology. This AI-based machine learning approach examines the full context of a sentence to produce highly fluent, readable, and almost human-like translations.

As the Bulgarian EU Council Presidency events will be attended by delegates, journalists, and guests from across Europe, we are extremely glad that the official website of the Bulgarian Presidency has integrated an advanced automated translation tool. Powered by CEF eTranslation and Artificial Intelligence, the EU Council Presidency Translator, developed by Tilde and its partners, is a great example of cutting-edge technological innovation being applied to the communication strategy at large-scale international events to foster greater understanding across language barriers and cultures alike.” 

Lilyana Pavlova, Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU 2018

The EU Council Presidency Translator was first used by the Estonian EU Council Presidency in 2017, and introduced the world’s first AI-powered Neural MT engines for Estonian, also developed by Tilde. The tool was officially launched at the EU Digital Summit in September 2017, which was attended by twenty-five heads of state and government from all EU Member States.

CEF eTranslation helps European and national public administrations exchange information across language barriers in the EU, by providing machine translation capabilities that will enable all Digital Service Infrastructures (DSIs) to be multilingual.

Bulgaria will host the EU Council Presidency from January through June. The country is set to host thousands of high-level meetings, seminars, conferences, and events, helping to set the priorities and agenda of the Council of the European Union. The EU Council Presidency Translator, developed in partnership with the Institute for Bulgarian Language and the University of Vienna and co-financed by the European Union’s Connecting Europe Facility, will be passed on to the Austrian EU Council Presidency beginning in July of 2018.

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