Eco-Innovation Forum for Air Quality lays groundwork for EU political debate


Atanaska Nikolova, Deputy Minister of Environment and Water

Bulgaria puts the issue of air quality in the focus of discussions on the environment during its Presidency of the Council of the EU. Its efforts are focused on initiatives to popularise innovative mechanisms and solutions in this domain. EU Environment Ministers will discuss the topic at an informal meeting in Sofia in mid-April.

“Your messages about the need for change, for the implementation of innovative practices and bold political solutions to decrease air pollution, will lay the groundwork for a political debate about priority actions and create momentum to apply them”, the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Environment and Water Ms Atanaska Nikolova said at the closing session of the 21st European Eco-Innovation Forum on Air Quality, held in Sofia on 5-6 February 2018.

The participants agreed that improving air quality should be a common, cross-border EU priority. “Achieving this goal requires action on all levels – European, national, and local, but also individual”, said Deputy Minister Nikolova.

Clean air is not just an environmental theme, participants at the meeting concluded. It requires a comprehensive and integrated approach and effort in various spheres, as it has also economic, social, technological, and health aspects.

The participants agreed that there are no one-size-fits-all solutions to the air quality issues. There are, however, good practices that can be shared.

The discussions focused on the importance of eco-innovation for achieving at a European level the goal of maintaining high environmental and quality-of-life standards and achieving sustainable growth”, Deputy Minister Nikolova emphasized.

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