Funding of European political parties: Council ready to launch talks with Parliament


Photo: European Union 2018 - European Parliament

On 21 February 2018, EU ambassadors agreed the Council's position on revised rules for the funding of European political parties and foundations. This enables the Bulgarian presidency to begin negotiations with the European Parliament. 

The changes target certain abusive practices, such as the creation of artificial entities to receive funds from the EU budget. The amended rules will ensure a fairer allocation of resources and allow for stronger enforcement in case of fraud. 

"This is a timely proposal, which will help make sure that EU taxpayers' money is used for its intended purpose," said Monika Payanotova, Deputy Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the EU Council. "The Council wants to move quickly so that the new rules can be in place before the 2019 EP elections," she added.

Read the full press release on the website of the Council of the European Union.

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