"United We Stand Strong" is the slogan of the Bulgarian Presidency


The Council of Ministers approved the motto “Съединението прави силата” as a slogan for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU in 2018.  The official translation in English is “United We Stand Strong”.

The slogan was suggested by participants in a number of focus groups* and tested in a nationally representative study. At the end of 2016, Gallup International carried out an opinion poll in order to establish the answer to the question what values and what images Bulgarians associate our country with from the point of view of its contribution to the European Union. The poll showed that the major common European values, which all target groups indicated as inherent to Bulgarians, were tolerance, solidarity and unity.

The slogan “United We Stand Strong” was the most recognizable and most liked among Bulgarians. On the one hand, the phrase relates to the history of our country and statehood, and at the same time, it reflects the idea of a united and solidary Europe. Bulgaria was described as a natural representative of the Balkans, and most of all of the Western Balkans, on their way to Europe.

The other slogans suggested in the discussions of the focus groups but without sufficient support were:

“Силни заедно” (Stronger Together)

“Заедно можем повече” (Together We Can Do More)

“Сигурност и просперитет” (Security & Prosperity)

“Европа във вярна посока” (Europe: the Right Way)

“Европа на новото поколение” (Europe of the New Generation)

*The participants in the focus groups were young people of different ages and professional background, experts, opinion makers, and foreigners who live and work in Bulgaria. According to them, what Bulgaria can make an impression with beyond its borders are: talented Bulgarian children, the good quality internet connections, the intangible cultural heritage and ethnic tolerance, the unique nature and natural food.

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