Dutch tulips blossomed with the Bulgarian Presidency logo


Photo: Yordan Simeonov (EU2018BG)

Exactly six months after planting the floral mosaic of 38,000 flower bulbs, the garden in front of the official entrance of the National Palace of Culture blossomed with the Bulgarian Presidency logo.

The Minister for the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU Lilyana Pavlova, the Ambassador of the Netherlands to Bulgaria Mrs. Bea ten Tusscher and the Mayor of the capital Yordanka Fandakova unveiled the flower garden with the symbolic sign United We Grow.

The idea for the mosaic is of the Embassy of the Netherlands which donated the tulips to the Bulgarian Presidency. The gesture is also an expression of the friendship and support the Kingdom offers Bulgaria in its role as President of the Council of the EU for the first time. The flowers were planted with the support of the Metropolitan Municipality. The author of the design is Jan Guldemond, former designer in chief of the world-famous and the biggest gardens in the world Keukenhof.

„This flower donation is just the wreath of the support the Kingdom of the Netherlands offers Bulgaria in its most important role as President of the Council of the EU. What is most valuable is the experience and recognition we receive from a country that has been President of the Council of the EU 12 times and is one of the best examples for leading the work in the Council of the EU,”

said Minister Lilyana Pavlova. She thanked the Ambassador of the Kingdom of the Netherlands Mrs. Bea ten Tusscher and the Sofia Mayor for the wonderful hospitality.

„These flowers are a symbol of the progress and success of the Bulgarian Presidency. All delegates and guests from my country are impressed by the work of the Presidency and by your capital city, including your beautiful gardens,”

said Ambassador Bea ten Tusscher. She reminded that part of the support is the training the country provided for Bulgarian experts on working with the European institutions.

„The specialists from the Netherlands made it possible for the Bulgarian Presidency logo to blossom this spring and bring joy to the eyes not only of Sofia’s guests and the participants in the fora, but also of all citizens of Sofia, strolling in the park in front of the National Palace of Culture,”

said the Mayor of Metropolitan Municipality Yordanka Fandakova at the opening of the floral mosaic. She expressed her gratitude towards Amsterdam for the partnership and noted that the spring presents the opportunity to the capital city to show its beauty in full with other floral solutions in the city.

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