Introduction of modern technologies is essential for policing


Photo: Ministry of Interior

The national contact points of the European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) gathered in Sofia for a regular plenary meeting on 25-26 April 2018 in the framework of the Bulgarian Presidency of the Council of the EU. The delegates reviewed the activities for creating the necessary conditions for a wide access of law enforcement services to contemporary and modern technologies in counteracting crime.

Underlining the fact that the opportunities available nowadays also create new risks, the participants updated each other on their work on priority topics such as public protection, cybersecurity, and information analysis.

Crime not only has no borders, but also takes advantages of all state-of-the-art technologies. Your work is so important because you are the ones to introduce modern technologies in the law enforcement authorities and enhance their capacities to prevent criminal activities and react adequately to crimes,”

said the Bulgarian Deputy Minister of Interior, Mr Milko Berner, in his opening remarks. On behalf of the Bulgarian Presidency, he praised the efficient contribution of ENLETS to the activities of the Law Enforcement Working Party (LEWP) by building a comprehensive network dealing with modern technologies in police work.

In the context of networking between law enforcement agencies, industry and research organisations, the delegates agreed that the serious security challenges the EU is facing require united efforts in all fields of common interest. They exchanged ideas for future sustainable cooperation, in view of optimising the fight against crime.

Another focus of discussion was on harmonised European concepts and implementation practices at national level. Bulgaria presented part of its best practices: the development of the Tetra network of the Bulgarian Ministry of Interior, the video surveillance system, as well as the Geographic Information System (GIS) as a platform approach for supporting law enforcement operations and strategic decision-making.


The European Network of Law Enforcement Technology Services (ENLETS) supports frontline policing and the fight against serious and organised crime by gathering user requirements, scanning and raising awareness of new technologies and best practices. It is a point of contact to access the technical organisations that are part of European law enforcement. Bulgaria is one of the co-founders of the ENLETS format and member of the group since its creation in 2008.

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